High temperature valves


The control valves are used for volume adjustment of cold/hot air supply to air consuming devices and for throttling flue gas at exhaust gas lines. The SVH control valve is suitable for applications up to 450 °C. The SVHT can be used for media temperatures up to 650 °C.
For higher control accuracy, the SVHT control valves can be used with reduced nominal size (reduced by one or two nominal sizes). This means that reducers can be dispensed with.
The desired flow rate is set via the valve position with an opening angle between 0°and 90°.
The control valve have a smooth-running disc. The disc of the SVHT butterfly valve is also available with an optional sealing system to reduce the minimum flow rate when the valve is closed.


Cast iron housing
DN: 40 to DN 200

Stainless steel body
DN: 40 to DN 200, reduction by 2 nominal sizes possible.

The operating instructions and also 3D data for this product can be found in our download area.

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